Wooden Curtain Rod

Wooden Curtain Rod & Accessories, with many design options, are ideal for your home decoration ranging from traditional to contemporary styles, especially for consumers needing a quick and easy window solution. We have a range of of seven rich colours of wooden curtain rods and accessories which can be cut into desired lengths to your preference. If a longer wooden curtain rod is needed, two rods can also be connected using a special joint screw.

Wooden Curtain Rod Length:

Wooden Curtain Rod Accessories

Short C Cup

Long C Cup

Normal C Bracket

Double Bracket

Ceiling Bracket

Bay Window

Wall to Wall - O

Wall to Wall - U

Miko End Cap

Ready Made End Cap



Wooden Curtain Rod Colour Chart

• Actual colour may vary due to wood/material used which may contain grain, texture and slight colour variation.
• These are natural occurrences when dealing with wood products.

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