Outdoor Blinds (Wooden Chicks & Bamboo Chicks)

Outdoor blinds (Wooden Chicks & Bamboo Chicks) is an ideal choice for a tropical and rustic theme for your home. Outdoor Blinds is mainly used in balconies, patios, gazebos, backyards, etc, and has many other advantages such as glare reduction, reduced energy consumption and provides daytime privacy whilst allowing you to enjoy your view.

Outdoor Blinds does not only cut down the sun glare and rain drops significantly, but also contributes to a cozier ambience. More often than less, outdoor blinds (wooden chicks & bamboo chicks) are the preferred selections among all other sun-shade products. Don't let the heat or rain spoil your chance to a relaxing outdoor experience!

Outdoor Blinds Size

• 1" + 1/2" Wooden Chicks - String

• 1" + Half Curve Wooden Chicks - String

Half Curve Wooden Chicks- String

• 1/2" Wooden Chicks - String

• 6/8" Wooden Chicks - Wire

• 6/8" Wooden Chicks - String

• 1" Wooden Chicks - Wire

• 1" Wooden Chicks - String

• Bamboo Chicks - String

• Bamboo Chicks (Front & Back) - String


Outdoor Blinds Teak Oil Colour Series

Teak oil colours create natural results for your outdoor blinds (Wooden Chicks Only).
However, wooden chicks can also be painted with other different colours to suit to every individual needs.
Please feel free to contact us for more information.

Teak Oil Colour - Chestnut

Teak Oil Colour - Teak

Teak Oil Colour - Acacia

Teak Oil Colour - Cherry

Teak Oil Colour - Walnut

Outdoor Blinds Hi-Gloss Finish

• Actual colour may vary due to wood/material used which may contain grain, texture and slight colour variation.
• These are natural occurrences when dealing with wood products.

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