Window Blinds / Curtain are Very Important for Your Home Décor

Many people are starting to come around to a trendier and more practical idea of using window blinds rather than conventional curtains in their homes. Window blinds is a more efficient alternative in regulating the amount of air and light into a room, whereas curtain’s options are very limited.

Window blinds brings a modern touch to any room that simply cannot be matched by curtains or any sort of window coverings. Window Blinds is definitely your ultimate choice with a natural elegant touch that would complement your interiors. We offer a satisfying interior solution by customizing our products to your personal preference.

Miko’s window covering products and window blinds are made to last a very long time. If you are thinking about giving a new look to any of your rooms in your home and/or your office, our series of window blinds can be one of the easy and cost effective way to do a home makeover.

Wooden Blinds

The biggest advantage of Wooden Blinds is that they can resist a tremendous amount of sunlight and temperature. Real wood window blinds designed to bring its natural beauty of wood into your home and your office , it’s also a great source of ventilation for your windows.

Wooden Blinds also add a great décor element to your home. When you use these blinds in your room, it provides the entire area with a naturally beautiful, warmth and undeniable ambiance. It is perfect for formal, casual, or corporate occasions.

Outdoor Blinds (Wooden Chicks and Bamboo Chicks)

Even if you have an awning, the late afternoon sun will probably sneak through. It can be hard to enjoy your outdoor living space when the sun is shining into your eyes or just radiating too much heat at your comfort. Outdoor blinds (wooden chicks and bamboo chicks) are always the way to control the amount of sunlight reaching your deck, patio, balcony, gazebo, etc., and if you choose a durable material such as wood or bamboo, rest assured they will be holding up for years to come.

Outdoor bamboo/wooden blinds and shades for your home come in either ‘roll up blinds’ or the ‘slatted form’. It can also provide additional privacy for any outdoor settings such as the patio, balcony, gazebo, etc.

Roller Blinds

By choosing the right window blinds, you will not only give a good decoration to your home and/or office, but also enjoy a cool and relaxed environment. Roller Blinds are fabric blinds which simply rolls into a tube when operated. These window blinds are less costly as per the maintenance is concerned.

Roller blinds is a very popular and economical window cover alternative, for both home and office use. Also, Roller blinds is best suited for kitchen and bathrooms too. Miko’s roller blinds provide a wide variety selection of patterns and design of fabrics for the creation of your very own unique style.

Vertical Blinds

Vertical Blinds hangs down vertically from the head rail that houses the mechanical components. Vertical Blinds make an excellent window blinds products for large-opening windows, like the meeting room. The material used in Vertical Blinds is normally fabric.

Vertical Blinds is an economically alternative way for office used window blinds. You can use it in your house’s study room too. Miko provides a wide selections of choices of fabric designs and colours. You can always choose to have your Vertical Blinds to open in the center or simply be drawn open from the side.

Venetian Blinds

Venetian Blinds offers easy maintenance at a very cheap price. The venetian blinds are made with aluminum material, it can be cleaned by vacuuming the slats, or wipe the aluminum slats using the wet clothe. Venetian blinds allows you to control the amount of sunlight inside a room and provide a very private environment. Most of all, venetian blinds are the most economical compare to the others window blinds products.

Roman Blinds

Roman Blinds are available in a variety of styles. Both Looped Roman Shades and Classic Roman Shades are designed to create depth and dimension. Looped Roman Shades have folds that cascade down the face of the shade to help create depth, while Classic Roman Shades offer a pleated design. Roman blinds are also available in a seamless style, which feature a smooth or flat shade face. It is normally made with curtain fabrics.

Wooden Curtain Rod

The Wood Curtain Rod is a stylish way to hang your curtains, rather than the traditional type - aluminum curtain railing. The curtain rod is made of beautifully finished wood with wooden bracket, wooden end cap, as well as wooden rings. It serves as an additional décor to cover up the hollow space above the window.

With such a wide range of Wooden Curtain Rod and accessories available, the decor possibilities are endless. As long as you plan your needs properly, take the correct measurements, and stick to your chosen style, you won't go wrong.

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